Ladder-back Chairs have been used since the 1700's

Posted by Stephen Horney on 22nd Dec 2014

When considering chairs for your dining room, or other areas of your home or restaurant, the ladder-back chair has been the choice of many sine the early 1700's. Most American homes had these chairs, because they were made from Hardwoods that were plentiful, and would last for generations. The Shakers were some of the best known chair makers, and their techniques of swelled joinery, and interlocking tenons are still used today.

Furniture Made In USA, sells NC made ladderback chairs of Oak and Ash, that have been made in the piedmont of NC since the 1920's. Troutman Chair makes Oak ladder-back chairs from the tree to the chair, as well as rockers, stools, benches, and tables. Dixie Seating Co have been making Ash ladderback chairs, stools, benches, swings, tables and rockers sine 1930.