Did Ben Franklin invent the Rocking Chair

Did Ben Franklin invent the Rocking Chair

Posted by Stephen Horney on 17th Apr 2022

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Nothing says old-fashioned comfort like front porch rocking chairs. So, we did some in-depth research for this American rocking chairs review and found out some very interesting facts.

Invented in 1710

Rocking chairs were said to have been invented by Ben Franklin way back in 1710 and the actual name “rocking chair” wasn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary until 1787. Although Franklin officially got the credit, popular opinion holds that some early American farmers and cabinet makers were really responsible for the invention. But, either way, American rocking chairs will always hold a very special place in our culture.

About Furniture Made in USA

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Final Thoughts on American Rocking Chairs From Furniture Made in USA

All in all, we found these oak rocking chairs to be not only beautiful but incredibly sturdy and quite comfortable as well. And, ordering one or more of them from Furniture Made in USA is quick and easy and they also ship to anywhere in the US.